Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Accenture Says US Dropping in Digital Government Performance

Accenture Digital Government Survey, 2014
In their January 2014 study on digital government, Accenture ranks 10 countries for digital government.  According to their results, the US now ranks #6 among these 10 countries, falling below Norway, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.  According to the study, only 28% of US citizens are satisfied with the quality of public services.  Certainly, that number differs dramatically from the numbers we have surveyed here in Utah.

Citizens are overwhelmingly satisfied with Utah's online services as are businesses that utilize our online services (over 90%).  Obviously, the poor implementation of services associated with the Affordable Care Act have impacted these numbers at a national level.  Failed websites and digital infrastructure at the federal level and in many states have eroded public satisfaction levels far lower than they have typically been.  At the same time, Utah has a much higher ratio of services online than many states which has helped produce higher levels of public satisfaction.  I think we are seeing very similar impacts now in states like Hawaii who are working to move more of their service portfolio online.

Here is a look at business satisfaction as surveyed recently by the CPPA of three states.

We need to get together in the US and accept the challenge laid down by Francis Maude and make a united and concerted effort to improve digital government service in this country.

Hawaii has faced this problem head on in the last 2-3 years and made a huge amount of progress. Check out this video which served as a "call to action"

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