Monday, May 05, 2014 2014: More than meets the eye

Utah recently completed a significant upgrade to its portal,  At first, you will probably not realize how much has changed just by looking at the main page.  Yes, we were able to find a light weight, high resolution video and HTML5 gives us the ability to put it right there in the background without any significant impact on performance.  You'll see some new infographic imagery in the drop-down menus that give you a hint of what you'll find on the secondary pages, which underwent the biggest transformation. - About Utah page image

The secondary pages are all carefully aligned using a twelve column grid structure with HTML5 that supports optimal responsive design on smart phones, tablets, as well as PC's and laptops.

Each secondary page has a custom-designed infographic that demonstrates alignment with State policy goals and objectives.  We have increased the use of maps, social media, open data, etc., not just on any single page, but throughout the site.  Our integrated master data index (MDI) allows us to use any one or category of resources in new ways anywhere where it makes sense to enhance the user experience.

Our outstanding design staff has added all new scalable iconography that improves the overall design of the site, while making it easier to discover what the user is looking for.

Using the MDI, we have added new categories of content, such as a new page for annual reports across the state.  Take a look:

Our annual updates to are paying off more than ever before.  In March 2014 alone, we had 1,780,859 unique visitors and over 65 million pages views, more than ever before.  In 2013, processed over 32 million online transactions, saving state government over $400 million.  Even more important, we were able to save Utah citizens and businesses millions of hours in valuable time, while improving service and satisfaction.

Growth in visitors to design on a smart phoneOne of the biggest trends in 2013-14 has been the growth in the number of mobile users of  For this reason, we have taken a mobile-first approach to design, making sure that the site is acceptable to the hundreds of thousands of Utahns who access the site from a smart-phone or tablet.  The portal is fully optimized for these users and the number of department-level websites now using responsive design is 5x what it was at the beginning of 2013.

Utah's egovernment service providers are fully dedicated to delivering the best to Utah citizens.  We support Governor Herbert's goals of improving service, providing better education, and making Utah the #1 state for business in the country.

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