Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Top 10 for Utah.gov in 2008

For each year since 2002, I have posted what I felt were the top 10 e-government / technology accomplishments for the state of Utah. This has been another good year. Here you go:
  1. Utah is named the Digital State by the Center for Digital Government. In October, Cathilea Robinett, the Center's director came to Utah to present this award, given every two years to the most tech savvy state to Governor Jon Huntsman.
  2. Public Meeting Notice website goes public. The PMN provides open access to public meetings from approx. 3,000 public entities in the state of Utah. Users can subscribe by RSS or email to receive updates from any of these entities.
  3. Green IT Initiative. Utah is in the middle of an extensive green initiative to conserve energy and other resources. Desktop computers are being converted to more energy-efficient models and the state is implementing a virtualization strategy which will significantly reduce the number of servers being used.
  4. Commuterlink truly goes mobile. A complete redesign of Commuterlink.utah.gov was announced in November that makes use of dynamic Google maps and real-time access to incident and weather info. An interactive mobile app provides access to the same information from any mobile platform.
  5. State Senate and its Web 2.0 experiment. The Utah Senate is using everything from YouTube and GCast to Twitter and blogs to communicate with constituents.
  6. Utah Moves to a 4-Day Work Week. This was a big and bold move by Governor Huntsman to save energy and shake up the status quo a little. The fact that Utah had over 800 key services online helped make it possible. Citizens and businesses can still get much of their work with the state done on Fridays even though 17,000 employees are off on that day.
  7. Increased utilization of Utah.gov and associated online services. Unique visitors surpassed one million in January 2008 for the first time and stayed at that level for the first 6 months of the year. Transactions for online services also increased with a growing number reaching close to 100% online.
  8. A new portal for State History. History was one of many agencies who implemented new agency websites in 2008. The new history site includes interactive forums, Flickr photo galleries, and other kinds of dynamic content.
  9. Utah Educators Service Suite. This compendium of services helps teachers keep their license current. It was awarded a Digital Education award in 2008.
  10. Access to Online Media Collection through Utah Pioneer. Download audio books right to your iPhone, your laptop, or other portable device from the State Library. This is a new type of service, and one we want to encourage.
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