Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Top 10 in Utah e-Government

This is now the 6th year that I have posted my top 10 list for IT accomplishments in Utah state government.
  1. Utah.gov is selected as the #1 state portal in the country by the Center for Digital Government. Utah is the only state to have received this award twice. The new portal includes a lot of new features, including a new multimedia portal entitle Utah GovCast and an enhance services search which provides access to over 1,030 online government services.
  2. Network upgrades, valley ring is upgraded to GigE at no additional cost to the state
  3. Google Partnership - the state worked with Google to provide better access to key data through sitemapping. A new Google Custom Search Engine was integrated into the Utah.gov portal.
  4. Validate Service - Over 30 financial institutions are now signed up for this service to validate an individual's drivers license. Validate is one of several new online services to receive national recognition. Others include the State Construction Registry and the On-the-Spot license renewal service.
  5. Utah.travel - This new site provides an exciting entry point for visitors to the state.
  6. e-Government Strategic Plan
  7. New Utah Geology website, including virtual earth excusions
  8. RELMS
  9. SIEC and State wireless planning for Homeland Security
  10. The Utah Reference Network Global Positioning System - The new GPS service will provide greater accuracy for surveyors and others throughout the state.
My picks from previous years are below:
And I am anticipating that 2008 will be a banner year.

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