Saturday, December 06, 2008

Recent news and info from the World of eGov

"Wheeling Mayor Andy McKenzie has a goal to make Wheeling the first city in West Virginia to be totally "e-gov" within one year." - Wheeling News Register

NIC Dominating Its Niche In Cyberspace (EGOV) - Investopedia

Just discovered, a resource for government-related news.

The state of Maryland is now auctioning boats online.

Report says that councils in the UK are not using egov enough. puts animal industry directory online.

Here's an online egov magazine for Asia.

"The call for papers for the eighth annual International Conference on electronic Government has now been published under The conference annually brings together more than 130 experts from research and practice all over the world. in 2009, it will take place in Linz (AT), from 30 August till 2 September." - Maria Wimmer

Interesting photo stream from a recent egov conference in Asia.

Singapore agrees to help Kuwait with egov projects.

Craig Thomler in Australia is asking whether government needs to go through a cultural change before it can effectively deliver web 2.0 services. He also references a nice little slideshow from David Osima on the topic.

Some interesting egov blog posts from Larry Freed, CEO of ForeSee Results, the company that surveys users.


defensur said...

Thanks Dave - long time reader of your blog
Just to point out that my argument is that traditional e-government REQUIRES cultural change in government, while web2.0 CREATES cultural change in government.
by the way my name is Osimo :)

Jaime said...


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