Thursday, July 21, 2011

SCR & QR Codes

QR Codes are a great technology with lots of potential uses. I love being able to scan an item into my iPhone and then draw comparisons from all over the web. For example, when I go into Best Buy, I will usually scan the QR code of items that I'm interested in and then get price comparisons, product details, customer reviews, and other information about the product from across the web.

We are getting ready to release another state government online services with QR code functionality. In this case, it is the State Construction Registry which tracks activities and information relating to all construction projects throughout the state. It is a system that is widely used by contractors, sub-contractors, lien holders, local government, owners and buyers. The original system went into place just about 5 years ago. The new release, which is set to go live on August 1st will let the contractor print a QR code that can be posted at the construction site. Then, whenever any party needs to update a record associated with the project or get information regarding it, they can start simply by scanning the QR code.

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