Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Week on Utah.gov

Monday was a big release. Utah.gov introduced our new Kid's Portal. Eleven percent of the visitors to Utah.gov are within the targeted elementary school age group. Up until now, there was no central kids' resource that was specifically designed for them, but rather a list of the various kids resources available throughout the Utah.gov domain. The new site is built in flash with custom animations and artwork.

Last week, we had a soft release of a new eLiens system which banks will be able to use to transfer vehicle titles electronically.

About 1,110 new pages of content were generated on Utah.gov during the past week. The most popular spots on the portal continue to be citizen services, followed by employment and career information.

Lots of new stuff related to USTAR this week, including new sites on Utah's activities related to Global Entrepreneurship Week, including the latest issue of Launch magazine.

More new content from Utah.gov:
Well, that sort of gives you an idea of the breadth of new content on Utah.gov this week. There's actually a LOT more than that. It's a challenge to keep up with everything.

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