Friday, December 07, 2007

Teri Takai as CIO for California

Interesting to see Governor Schwarzenegger appoint Teri Takai as the new CIO of the state of California. The size of California's government economy has made it difficult to get everything fully coordinated like it is in some smaller states. It's a challenge even in smaller states, although everything suggests that Teri was able to do a good job of pulling things together in Michigan which is a significant accomplishment.

Just a few days, Information Week reported that California is looking at a plan to outsource its email hosting to Google or Microsoft.

Rumors about potential closures of my favorite retail outlet.

Wow, according to this, the state of Alaska's retirement fund is $8.4 billion short. For a state the size of Alaska, that is enormous.

22,000 acres restored with sagebrush seed.

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