Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heidi Rodeback on AFC Net

In my 12 years of experience on the internet, the service provided by American Fork City Network is unparalleled. For $37 a month, the ethernet connection to my home is outstanding. The service is always available and there is plenty of bandwidth. The only problem is that it is a city service in the red (in Spanish red=network). Here's what Heidi Rodeback (American Fork City Council Member and regular blogger) has to say:

"Much as I love my high-speed connection to the AFCnet-- in my part of town, it's reliable -- I can't look the taxpayer in the eye and tell him we're leaving roads unfinished because we want to go $1 million in the red on municipal broadband."

Ouch, I sure hope they can make it successful. Should be if they could muster another 5,000 subscribers.

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