Monday, January 05, 2015

New Utah Open Data Catalog

The new Utah Open Data Catalog is now live at We will also be updating this month with a new design and connecting it dynamically to the catalog. The catalog is built on Socrata's open data platform and provides us with a lot of new capabilities and flexibility. We will be presenting it to the Utah Transparency Board tomorrow.

UPDATE: We did an interview with Fox13 news on January 7. Here's a clip (you'll have to wait through a brief commercial):

Although the catalog has over 800 datasets and lots of charts and maps, there is still A LOT of work left to do. We want all open data available here for the state and that requires lots of cooperation from state agencies. We also want to work with local governments on their open data initiatives and are already partnering with Salt Lake City on a micro portal.

Here's an example of the embed functionality:

Powered by Socrata

Users will be able to embed charts, graphs, and maps using data and functionality from the catalog directly in any website. Here's a map of DABC licensees in Utah (Park City).

Powered by Socrata

We will also be encouraging developers and researches to leverage the data and tools that come with the site for a variety of purposes.

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