Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Conditional Formatting with Socrata in the Utah Open Data Portal

After less than two weeks, we have had over 51,000 page views of the new Utah Open Data Catalog. It is generating a lot of interest and we have barely begun. I expect to eventually see a lot more data and some very large datasets.
Filters and conditional formatting are a very important feature when we start looking at these very large data sets. The user may want to visualize just a small portion of the whole set.

Here's an example. Our UCAS grades include data for all Utah schools. With this dataset, I can quickly limit the data to a specific subset; in this case, just elementary schools and only in the Alpine District. Socrata gives me the ability to visualize the data based on specific conditions, so I have assigned lavender to schools that received an "A" grade and a lighter blue to those that received a "B". Here's what you get:

Powered by Socrata

I'm sure that you users will think of even more creative and useful ways to use and visualize that data.

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