Thursday, October 28, 2010

OPTIC Pushes Forward the Digital Agenda in Dominican Republic

OPTIC, the central IT agency in the Dominican Republic is doing a great job in moving the digital agenda forward. A quick look at their website reveals a strong understanding of what is possible and that technology has the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of citizens. The office has published the third edition of Gobierno Digital, an issuu-based publication that provides a useful perspective on egovernment in the country. Their strategic plan is current, updated every year since 2006, although I would love to see a few more details of the kinds of projects they are actually moving forward. OPTIC is also doing a good job measuring their performance and I think understands where they are, as well as where they want to be.

OPTIC's goals for 2010:
  • Promover el desarrollo del Gobierno Electrónico en los ámbitos de decisión del sector público.
  • Promover el uso de los servicios de Gobierno Electrónico en la sociedad Dominicana y el sector privado.
  • Impulsar la capacitación de los empleados públicos en el uso de las TIC.
  • Acelerar el desarrollo integral del Gobierno Electrónico con criterios de eficacia, eficiencia y transparencia.
  • Evitar el doble empleo de recursos en el desarrollo del Gobierno Electrónico.
  • Racionalizar las inversiones y gastos en TIC del sector público.
  • Difundir las mejores prácticas en materia de Gobierno Electrónico.

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