Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've been using it since the day it came out and it is perhaps my favorite app of all time. I've talked to people who said they had to get an iPad for this one app alone. If you understand the real value and potential of Twitter you must love Flipboard. I use it to aggregate information for Utah Government, Utah Education, Utah Media, and much more. It portrays why Twitter lists are so valuable.

Flipboard is personalized media for every user. You define what you want to see and Flipboard intelligently transforms 140 character Tweets to news content complete with video and images. My Flipboard is all about digital government and technology. Yours?

Tools like Flipboard are the future.

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Adriel Hampton said...

I've just started using Flipboard and especially like how it transforms Facebook (which seems to just get worse and worse as a native application). I've not yet played with it as much as I perhaps should based on glowing recommendations from you and from Nick Charney.