Saturday, December 16, 2006

eGov Podcast

I am trying out Gcast for an eGov podcast. Although I have only made one post so far and do not have a broadcast voice, my plan is to have multiple contributors and add to it on a consistent basis. I really like the tool. It allows you to post from any phone using a toll-free number. You can save it as a draft or publish directly. It automatically creates the RSS feeds, etc.

The federal government has a growing number of interesting (and not-so-interesting) podcasts that demonstrate the utility of this tool for government. There are certainly opportunities to use the tool more in state government.

Here are some podcasts from Utah's Governor's Office for Economic Development (GOED).

Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota has been using podcasts for a while. In his November 30th podcast, he noted a $2.2 billion budget. Pretty impressive.

Governor Huntsman released his budget recommendations this week. The Governor announced an estimated surplus of $1.6 billion for Utah.

The Governor met with DTS management Thursday afternoon

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