Saturday, December 16, 2006


The Center for Digital Government has published a report entitled "Government Faster, Smarter" that makes (in my opinion) some very important recommendations that align nicely with the direction that we are working on for the State of Utah. Part II of the report is entitled "Collaboration through Loose Couplings" and makes the following recommendations:
  • Service-enable data first
  • Utilize an Enterprise Service Bus
  • Identify Frequently Repeatable Processes
  • Establish Standards
  • Create a Web Services Library
This mirrors almost exactly the strategy that we have been working on in our office in the State of Utah. We began working with the Dept. of Public Safety on an analysis of ESB's and have a proof of concept underway, having analyzed the major ESB offerings. The project has now extended to an enterprise team. We have developed a database of all online services, potential services, websites, etc. to understand where we are and define the gaps and needs that we should address moving forward. We have begun to define what we need in terms of web services and what we already have within the state. We will then develop a strategy for how to develop needed web services and where they are needed. We are developing the State eGov plan which should be complete by December 31st.

Good to see Barbara Haven of California making regular egov posts to her blog again. She mentions this security breakdown in Vermont.

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