Monday, May 30, 2011

Project Prologue Documents Early Years of Egovernment in Utah

In 1993, Governor Mike Leavitt, in his Information Highway speech, issued a call for Utah government agencies to open up government data, put government services online, and work together to create an enterprise model for digital government. After 18 years, we have made substantial progress towards these visionary goals. I'm glad to see that some of those initial years are partially chronicled in Project Prologue, a record of the Leavitt administration that is now hosted at Southern Utah University.

For information on information technology in Project Prologue, please visit:

Not everyone agreed with the Governor's vision for an electronic future. There are still a few around who don't perhaps, but it is the present, as evidenced by 25 million online transactions by Utah government in 2010. I don't think there is a single area in Utah government that hasn't been significantly influenced by it. Here's an article from 1994 that reminds us that there are always those who fight against the inevitable, and they actually did have some success in slowing it down:


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