Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Testing Google Chrome

I began testing the Chrome browser shortly after it was released today.  The first site that I brought up was Utah.gov, very fast and smooth.  Then got a tweet from West Virginia and tested their site, also looked very good.   I checked a few apps, personal and business.  Our state payroll SAP-based system only works with earlier versions of IE, not with IE 7 or Firefox.  It didn't work with Chrome either.  Anyway, I expect that most of our stuff will work very well with Chrome, at least as well as with any of the other browsers.  The big problem I had was RSS, our feeds don't work right with Chrome (not unique to our feeds, most of the others I tested didn't work well either.  I'll check stats on browser usage by the end of the week to see how many of our users are testing out Chrome.  By the way, this is my first blog post using Chrome.


Bryan said...

Similar experience here. Site renders fast www.house.mo.gov However, it doesn't do anything you'd expect with the RSS feed.

DanPhilpott said...

Have you tried using Google Chromium? It's the development version of Chrome and will have more current code than the release version (which may or may not break things). Given the immediate security concerns raised about the software it might be worth using it rather than Chrome. You can find it here: