Friday, December 28, 2007

Egov Site Reviews from Libraryola

Chris Zammerelli, blogging on Libraryola, is doing site reviews of egov sites in the U.S. and elsewhere. Chris is looking for podcasts, RSS feeds, online services, blogs, multimedia, and mobile services. So far, you can find reviews on Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Kentucky, and more. All of this is part of Chris' thesis work to identify what governments are doing to incorporate web 2.0 into their sites. I review all state sites fairly regularly so I am pretty familiar with what Chris is finding, but appreciate seeing it documented.

In a separate post, Chris points to the U.K.'s ePetition site. This looks like a fascinating experiment. Citizens can post petitions, search for other petitions and show their support for any of the petitions. In some cases, the Prime Minister has responded to the online petitions directly.

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