Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California Wildfires - Local

Both state and local websites are using video to communicate on their websites. Over 80,000 San Diego residents were notified through reverse-911. The Google map shows where shelters are with updates about capacity and status (full or not). I think future exercises here should include working with the tools we would use to generate public information and response. The closure of city services and facilities is all being announced in one place.

The MODIS large incident fire map is also being updated regularly.

The LA Times has also created a Google map with fire information.

You can see that a traditional map like the one on Malibu's website is not nearly as effective.

ESRI provides some fire-related maps for journalists, including this map updated last night.

The Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS) tracks fires throughout the world with satellite imagery and will provide you with email notifications including maps of the area that you designate. The service is supported by the University of Maryland and NASA. You can create multiple subscriptions to a single email.

Earlier today, I happened to be working on our budget request for continuity of operations. We have several critical IT operations that are in the high liquifaction area shown on this map that still have no redundancy / off-site capability.

Salt Lake Valley liquifaction map

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