Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10 Gigabit: What are the opportunities

UEN is preparing to upgrade their network backbone to 10 gigabit. You'll find more detail in Tab 30 of the October Steering Committee agenda. The increased use of our Richfield "alternate" data center is one of the key drivers for the upgrade. Customers such as the University of Utah Hospital and other higher ed institutions are making COOP plans a reality with the increased bandwidth. UEN now has four separate internet connections with the need to add more. The Utah Pioneer library, UEN eMedia, and others are making large collections of video content available to users. Utah GovCast features a growing database of multimedia content as well. A few pioneering agencies like UGS are using virtual environments to enhance knowledge and learning. Gigabit service to all schools will open up access to tools like Croquet and interactive whiteboards. With 10G almost a reality here, I'm sure we will start thinking about the applications and services that will drive 100Gbit.

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