Friday, June 29, 2007

Blog Report

Thomas Beck's blog contains some great information on e-government and web 2.0. It looks like he is involved with the Pennsylvania Business Solutions Center of Excellence and has a good idea how to integrate new solutions into improvement of existing government processes.

Kirk Keller's blog is about using social media in government.

The Pandemic Flu Leadership Blog was initiated by Secretary Leavitt of HHS who had more than a passing interest in blogs when he was the Governor of Utah. Yesterday was the final day of its 5 weeks of life. With respect to the blog, Secretary Leavitt states,
We have only been online for a little over a week and already more than 6,000 unique visitors have participated. People seem to be spending a fair amount of time on the blog once they get here so there is reason to be optimistic. We will learn as we go but I expect we will continue to expand this kind of discourse at HHS.
CDC Chatter is a forum for discussing issues at the Center for Disease Control.

The CDC Director also has a blog, although not well maintained.

Jeff Barson discusses at ConnectBlogs. What looks interesting is the Squarespace form builder.

The eGov unit in Northern Ireland maintains this blog.

Lorenzo Cantoni mentions that 72% of online adults are using their PC to listen to audio content.

John Montgomery of Microsoft Popfly has recommendations for government. We'll probably want to do a review of Silverlight shortly.

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