Friday, December 29, 2006

Capitol Hill

The Capitol Preservation Board has installed a counter on their website counting down the days until the Capitol Grand Opening. It will be nice if we can ever get this place looking respectable again!

The Utah Senate majority is doing a good job keeping their blog updated with new content.

Not to be outdone, the Utah House has a blog of their own, but it hasn't had a post since August.

Representative Craig Frank shares his opinions in a podcast.

Although we're still over two weeks away from the session, several dozen bills have already been numbered for the 2007 General Session. Should be a busy year, especially with the big surplus that is available.

I now have all the State parks tagged. Take a look.
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Someone named Wayoff has been tagging all the state capitol buildings. Too bad he hasn't included photos of the buildings. Perhaps that is a future project.

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