Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I haven't had time to look at these kinds of things lately. Firstgov now publishes something called "dotgovBUZZ" for those who are interested in e-government. Actually, it has been the development of sites like this, as well as [many] other things that have contributed to the content decline in my blog. The amount of information on egov, just as about everything else has increased incrementally over the last few years and made so much of what is done into a regurgitation of something else. The Transitions section has the latest on movement among government IT professionals around the country.

Of interest in last month's issue of dotgovBUZZ is reference to the Federal Transition Framework, a "single source" of information on cross agency IT initiatives announced on July 6th.

It's time to get informed again about the status of the Federal eAuthentication initiative.

Congress continues to pressure the Bush administration for documentation showing how their egov initiatives are saving money. While I strongly believe that many well-executed egov initiatives can and should save money for the government in the short term, there are many other benefits and reasons for continuing to push the egov agenda. We are really only 10-12 years (less in many cases) into the egov era and it has changed government in MANY areas, both making it more efficient, but also more responsive and accessible to citizens.

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