Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Salt Lake and Ogden Among Top Digital Cities

Two Utah cities were recognized among the top 10 in their digital cities category, Salt Lake City and Ogden. Salt Lake City came in 10th among cities from 125,000 to 249,999 and Ogden ranked third among cities from 75,000 to 124,999. Good job. The ranking is performed by the Center for Digital Government.

Salt Lake City is implementing a new enterprise GIS-based hydraulic monitoring system. Sounds pretty interesting.

Angus Reid evaluates the popularity of governors in all fifty states. Governor Huntsman of Utah is among the top five with a lofty 73% approval rating.

Ben Kuo has a new site called TechRockies covering high tech news in the Rocky Mountain region. They've created this Googlemaps mashup of recent venture funding primarily in Colorado and Utah.

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