Friday, August 05, 2005

Al Sherwood Starts a new Blog

Al Sherwood, who retired recently as Deputy CIO for the State of Utah, has accepted a role as a Senior Fellow for the Center for Digital Government. He has also initiated a new weblog where we can keep track of his adventures.

Al was recently quoted in a recent Government Technology magazine article concerning states portal deals with NIC and Bearing Point. He speculates on how the IT consolidation might impact its relationship with NIC as a service provider:

"The question then becomes, 'If everybody is one operation or organization, then who's going to do the work?'" he continued. "Are you going to do it internally? Are you going to outsource part of it? How are you going to coordinate that so it's efficient? To some extent, it changes the rules of the game."Bringing existing, separate contracts and the outsourcing relationships
created by smaller agencies into the newly created central IT shop creates an unknown, Sherwood said, and it's not certain whether the results will be more outsourcing, less outsourcing or closer coordination of outsourcing

Former Utah CIO Phil Windley, writing for ZDNet, questions the value of the national sex offender registry. Twenty-two states provide data for the registry.

LANL blogger, Doug Roberts, is in the news again; this time in Federal Computer Week.

Connie White, who has been serving as a Public Service Commissioner, has just been tagged as the new Director of the Division of Public Utilities. As the former director of the Department of Commerce, she has plenty of experience to move aggressively into this new responsibility.

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