Monday, July 25, 2005

Moving My Government & Technology Weblog

I've decided to move my primary blog and give it a facelift. After trying out Moveable Type, eNewsBlog, Radio, PHP Nuke, and various other tools, I will settle on Blogger. Time for blogposting is limited and the Blogger interface is quick and easy to use. Google seems to be dedicated to continuous enhancements and the new photo hosting tool may be what convinced me. It was difficult to say goodbye to Radio after three years of continuous use and it will take some time to get this to where I want it to be, if I ever actually do with all the other things that I am currently working on.

Carlos Guadian has been kind enough to send me several images of articles covering the conference in Barcelona. I learned a lot while I was there. Particularly, about the state of technology in government in Catalunya, having the opportunity to speak with a significant number of government officials and tech companies that operate in the egov area. Here is one that was published in Data.Ti (click on photo).

Here is a photo blog of my trip to Catalunya.

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