Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Alexa Skills from

Last week, at the Utah Digital Government Summit, we announced the availability of a great new Alexa skill now available on the Amazon Echo. Actually, Utah has published two new skills for the popular device: Utah Fishing which lets you ask Alexa how fishing is at lakes and rivers across the state of Utah and Utah Public Meetings which helps you keep up with important meetings, events, and decisions in your community.

The apps were developed quickly and efficiently through cooperation with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, the State Archives, and our contract with Utah Interactive.

I've already had people tell me they went fishing for the first time in years after engaging with the Utah Fishing Skill. Once you have Alexa open Utah Fishing, you can ask about almost any body of water in the state and Alexa will respond with the latest fishing report (these are usually updated weekly). Based on the popularity of the Utah Wildlife mobile app, I'm expecting this new fishing skill to be similarly popular on this emerging platform.

Be sure to install these new skills on your Echo right away and then go enjoy some of Utah's great blue ribbon fisheries.

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