Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Utah Digital Experience Management Council

After 15 years, the Utah Product Management Council is ready for a new life. The Council has helped Utah become a leader in Digital Government over that period and is ready to help the State transition into a new period that will feature artificial intelligence, wearable technologies, and personal digital assistants.

Agency efforts to transform government services will be led by Digital Experience Managers who will combine a focus on strategy, technology, and process to deliver highly engaging digital experiences to Utah citizens.

The focus of the Utah Digital Experience Management Council (UDEMC) will include:

  1. Service Integration
    We will find ways to integrate service delivery and provide greater personalization so that users can better discover new services and information that is relevant to them.
  2. Omnichannel
    We will expand our focus to deliver products across the growing spectrum of platforms and devices that are being used by our citizens, including wearables, IoT devices, etc.
  3. Enterprise Platform
    ICAM and PaaS services will be more standardized across the state enterprise to increase our ability to deliver services quickly and efficiently.
  4. Open Data
    We will continue to enhance Utah's open data capabilities.
  5. User-Centric
    Services will focus on the needs of individual users, not on the agency delivering the service.
  6. Accessible
    We will not lose sight of the need to make new services and platforms accessible to all users.
  7. Artificial Intelligence
    Utah will continue to explore ways to integrate AI and other emerging technologies into the service delivery process to improve service and create new efficiencies.
Seventeen agencies were represented as we agreed to work together to "radically improve upon the experience of government, and push the boundaries of how services are delivered."

Utah.gov will continue to be a primary delivery channel for services, but will expand as a brand for new kinds of services. For example, we are currently working on several new wearables applications and integration with digital assistants, including new services for the Alexa platform.

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