Tuesday, March 06, 2012

United Nations E-Government Survey 2012

I downloaded the 2012 UEN eGovernment Report to iBooks while in the elevator on the way out to get a spicy chicken sandwich at Carl's Jr. Great report this year. More comprehensive than any previous report I have seen on international egovernment. According to the report, the top five world e-government leaders are:

1. Republic of Korea
2. Netherlands
3. United Kingdom
4. Denmark
5. United States

According to the UN assessment, the US continues to drop. Scandinavian countries continue to perform well, along with other European countries like Estonia, Germany, and even Liechtenstein. Singapore also dropped down to 10th on the list. That said, there is some great innovation happening in countries that are pretty far down the list, like Brazil and Peru. 

Kazakhstan was #1 in Central Asia and #38 overall, jumping 8 spots. I agree that they've been doing some interesting things there. 

Spain dropped from #9 in 2010 to #23 in 2012. That's somewhat disappointing from my perspective, because they are a country that I watch very closely and one which has been doing some very creative things particularly at the local and provincial level.

Three countries were at the top of the online service index, perhaps the part I care most about, Korea, Singapore, and the US all received perfect scores. I certainly wouldn't give anyone a perfect score for online services because certainly improvement can continue to be made.

Take a look at the entire report. It's one I'll be keeping on the iPad.


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