Monday, December 14, 2009

Sitemapping provides you with new partners

Customized RSS for jobs data

For a long time, I was hoping that our Department of Workforce Services (DWS) would provide RSS feeds of new jobs as they were added to the jobs database. Now it's not really necessary. By sitemapping the data and making it available to search engines, DWS has freed the data and doesn't have to worry so much about the presentation layer. In a previous post, I mentioned how companies like take care of that. I can do a search for any job title and location using Indeed's search engine and it will provide me with the data, much of which is gathered in near real time. Even better, Indeed provides me a custom RSS feed for any search combination of jobs that I might be looking for.

I was checking Carlos Guadian's excellent K-Government blog this morning when out popped Carlos in a Woopra chat window. Woopra had notified Carlos that I was reading his blog, so he just initiated the chat. Very cool and surprising.

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