Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Nebraska to Singapore

Just finished our latest Architecture Review Board meeting. Our architecture process is nimble and enabled through a technical architecture wiki that is hosted in the cloud (wikispaces). We have been adding database functionality to it a little at a time using Zoho Creator in order to track the architecture requests and potential exceptions. It all seems to be working well together.

We've been discussing the cloud a lot lately. Last week I had the chance to speak about our cloud strategy at the Nebraska Digital Summit and then later via videoconference with a FutureGov conference on cloud computing in Singapore. Casey Coleman of GSA also shared information on how the federal government is implementing In Utah, we are working on a very similar approach to provisioning apps and services in our hybrid cloud.

I have been thinking a lot about how various aspects of augmented and virtual reality can be effectively applied in government. Then I had send someone send me this video of Pranav Mistry speaking at TEDIndia. Phenomenal!

I finally received my invitation to Google Wave a couple of weeks ago and have been trying it out. It certainly has a place in the overall mix of collaboration tools so I was interested when Novell announce their new Pulse product which integrates with Wave.

Cathilea Robinett from the Center for Digital Government was here yesterday to present the Best of the Web award to Governor Gary Herbert. The Governor said some very encouraging things about the importance of our digital channel and online citizen services. Lt. Governor Bell is also reaching out with his new website which includes a Facebook site, YouTube, RSS...

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