Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Comments

I'm interested in the use of Buzzable by the Whitehouse and Gov. Schwarzenegger.

I checked this morning and there were over a million new or updated web pages in the dot gov domains over the last 24 hours. Some are very interesting and creative, others are not at all.

National Parks are finding new services to add to their mobile services like this from Acadia National Park. State and local parks should be thinking of the same kinds of things since people are more likely to have mobile devices when visiting the parks. A good idea at the state level would be to include other points of interest such as museums and local, federal, or regional parks and recreational opportunities into a mobile app that helps you discover their location using built-in GPS.

We're putting together a new wiki for our technical architecture and I've rediscovered once again how much I like the platform for adding and maintaining new content.

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