Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Creating Widgets for Government

Tomorrow, during our eGovernment Product Management Council, I plan to give a live widget building demo, so in preparation I build this widget with SproutBuilder which I found to be a very good tool (I've used a variety of others). It took about 15-20 minutes for a first-time user to build this widget. Certainly, if this were more than a demo widget, you would spend a little more time with the imagery and maybe even produce a video specifically for the widget, but overall the concept is simple and the opportunity to use widgets has low barrier to entry.


Joseph Mucha said...

Thanks for testing out Sprout Builder and we look forward to future Sprouts.

Random Angst said...

This is cool! I'm thinking about developing something similar for Utah DCFS workers. Can I ask you any questions if I get stuck?

David said...

Yes, Justin. Feel free to contact me with any widget questions. I'm happy to answer what I can. And let me know what you create. We would like to include it in Utah's upcoming widget center.