Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Budget Cuts

Lots of cuts are being proposed by the Legislature and staff as they prepare for the 2009 Legislative Session. Altogether, these are close to a billion dollars. You can see the proposed cuts by the Legislative Fiscal Analyst (as of 1/10/2009) here. Certainly, there will be impacts on the state's information technology. In fact, a significant number of layoffs have already occurred within the Department of Technology Services as revenues shrink due to agency restraint. Less support for financial systems, fewer programmers to support all the revisions in Tax information systems, reductions in funding for the controlled substance database, longer replacement cycles for servers and PCs, and digitization initiatives are just a few of the areas that will possibly be impacted.

What this means for egovernment is that, like always, we will need to get more creative and find ways to get what we need done for less.

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