Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye to 2008

2008 really has been an amazing year. Clearly, the focus nationally and globally has been on the economy, then on the U.S. elections. What happens from here remains to be seen.

Regardless of those distractions, it has been a year with unlimited learning and growth potential. Opportunities abound everywhere at a time where we are nearing a few major crossroads. Transportation and energy will continue to emerge and hopefully we can make a major breakthrough that completely changes our transportation and energy paradigm. If not, we will have to make major adjustments.

The internet continues to grow at a phenomenal pace and access to information is obviously unlike anything in history. Broadband is now abundant which feeds this opportunity. Interoperability is growing, but not in all the areas it should. There is still reluctance by many and efforts to control data that maybe should be public.

We are nearing conclusion of our egov plan, although it still isn't quite as innovative as I would like it to be. We'll get there, the proof however will be whether we can implement a new vision that takes us well beyond where we are today.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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