Monday, July 28, 2008

South Carolina Facebook Site

I have been wondering about South Carolina's Facebook site and what they are trying to accomplish with it. The State of Utah blocks some social media sites at work, including Facebook and MySpace. It looks like the Facebook site is well done and is just another venue to try to pull people into from a venue that citizens are already comfortable. Nothing really groundbreaking, just links back into the state's services and agency information pages.

We looked at a few national level egov sites to see what innovation we could find, sites like Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Singapore... those that we consider to be among the best. We found a few things we can glean and learn from. We are planning to put together a proposal for 2008-09 shortly that will include some ideas perhaps not found anywhere else as well.

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We would love your and your readers ideas on how we can improve the Facebook Page