Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Congress Discusses Virtual Worlds

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce today held a hearing on "Online Virtual Worlds: Applications and Avatars in a User-Generated Medium." I'll be interesting to hear their comments and summary. The video will be available here.

Laurence Johnson of The New Media Consortium suggests the following:
we need a range of action informed by vision and clarity of purpose. What is needed most are these five things:
  • programs that will spur the technical development of the 3D Internet;
  • programs that add capacity to the woeful state of our information infrastructure and bring it to the communities and neighborhoods that currently have no or very poor access to broadband services;
  • policies that require data and cellular networks to deliver the bandwidths and speeds needed to easily access these technologies;
  • programs to ensure that educational institutions and students at all levels have the resources required to take full advantage of the potential of the 3D web; and
  • programs and policies to encourage entrepreneurs to develop effective business models for this new frontier.
Beyond those vitally important actions, what is further needed is for government to engage the technology, to model effective uses of virtual worlds, and to promote programs and services that truly tap its potential to bring people together.
Audio is also here.

NMC's Horizon Report of Emerging Technologies

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Tom said...

Isn't this the same Congress that complained that "the internet is not a truck--you don't dump on it" ... "it's a series of tubes" which get clogged when we send "Internets". (Yes, I realize that was the Senate, not the House, but still... really?)

I look forward to having ignorant, aged technophobes craft policy shaping the future of the internet.