Friday, March 21, 2008

Foresee Results not Encouraging

According to survey company Foresee Results, satisfaction with E-Government (as measured against US federal government sites), is waning - at its lowest level in three years. It does seem, however, that citizens are still anxious to interact with government as measured by an increase in satisfaction with the e-commerce aspect of Federal websites. Internet user are experiencing a lot of new capabilities available through the internet and expect the same improvements to be available on government websites.

A survey of Federal CIO's from shares the following info:
"...only 9 percent of CIOs surveyed said they’ve been in their jobs longer than four years, compared with 29 percent last year."
"The number of CIOs reporting to a secretary or bureau head dropped from 55 percent to about 42 percent between 2006 and 2007. At the same time, the number of CIOs reporting to chief financial officers increased to about 24 percent, up from about 5 percent in 2006."
I have NO idea why you would want your CIO reporting to a CFO as opposed to the agency head. Doesn't make any sense to me.

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