Tuesday, November 06, 2007

West Virginia Contracts with NIC

The State of West Virginia just announced a new contract with NICUSA to support their state portal. The total length of the contract with renewal options is 3 years. Utah is in the 9th year of contract(s) with NIC and their affiliate UtahInteractive. I met last month with Jeff Fraser, CEO of NIC, and we discussed adding many new services to Utah.gov. NIC is finishing a database of all the services they have developed nationwide, about 1400 altogether, so we want to look at those that are currently not available in Utah and see what potential there is to leverage them. Currently, over 700 services are available on Utah.gov with over a third of them supported by NIC.

Also, last month, California awarded a $14 million contract to Bearing Point to manage their DMV portal.

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