Tuesday, October 02, 2007


The Federal CIO Council recently released 7 architectural principals to help achieve consistent, effective IT decision-making. We would do well to just replace the word [federal] with the word [state] to say:

  • The [state] government focuses on citizens.
  • The [state] government is a single, unified enterprise.
  • [State] agencies collaborate with other governments and people.
  • The [state] architecture is mission-driven.
  • Security, privacy, and protecting information are core government needs.
  • Information is a [state] asset.
  • The [state] architecture simplifies government operations.

That works, doesn't it?

Thanks to GSA for Utah.gov kudos in their latest newsletter.

I'm getting ready to fly out of Tucson and depart the annual NASCIO meeting. Thanks to those who participated on the panel, including PK Agarwal, aka epk, moderator of the panel. One quick meeting with Jeff Fraser, then I'm out of here.

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