Friday, September 28, 2007

The Extension of Google Government Partnership

Looks like Google is extending its government search partnerships to municipalities now with Washington, DC being the first. Utah, along with California, Virginia, and Arizona were the first four states to announce such a partnership back in April. Managing the custom search engine has been very easy and I have really benefited from the ability to monitor and analyze the search statistics.

Priorities for Europe's new Ministerial Declaration on eGovernment:
  • Strengthen the European dimension through the interoperability between Member States;
  • Reduce the administrative load and consequently the administrative costs allowing for an efficient and effective interaction between public administrations and the people;
  • Guarantee and ensure eGovernment services to all the people, especially in the case of the more economically and socially disfavoured;
  • Involve the people in the political processes and increase their transparency.
  • With respect to interoperability, Member States shall, until the end of 2008, establish new priorities for high impact services for the people, which can be developed over the whole of Europe with the aid of community programmes.
The Weight Loss blog asks an interesting question:

Can eGovernment Help the Obese eCitizen Lose Weight by Providing Proper Information?

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