Thursday, June 07, 2007

New eGov Sites

A number of new government sites that are worth noting...
  1. State of Kansas - Kansas has added a drag-and-drop portlet type of functionality to their portal. It is the first government site that I have seen do that.
  2. Center for Disease Control - The CDC has always had lots of good content and services. Their new site makes it easier to get to.
  3. State of Indiana - A very professional look.
Directgov (U.K) performed a survey of what new online services citizens want from their government. One idea that caught my interest was that one in seven 35-44 year olds want to be able to have face-to-face meetings such as job interviews or benefit claims renewals online. What do you think?

Techpresident reports that one of the candidates is now running around in Second Life. He'd probably make even a greater stir if he was running around in Ironforge as a night elf. It's also fun to see candidates like Mitt Romney creating a presence on YouTube.

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