Monday, May 14, 2007

eGov in Utah

I appreciate the nice comments from Steve Urquhart, one of Utah's leading legislators, but I certainly can't take much credit. With over 650 services, is the combined effort of many agencies and individuals. The new portal design and services that will go live by the end of the month will make it easier to find and use those services. With such a diversity of services, we can no longer expect the traditional method of indexing those services to be efficient, so users will have some new ways to get at them. Our services database will also include city and county services as well as some federal government services (those which are likely to be of greatest interest to Utahns) and will be locatable through an enhanced Ajax search as well as a tag cloud, along with the traditional agency and A-Z browse capabilities.

I happened to look at the Utah Senate blog and noticed that John Massey is retiring as the Legislative Fiscal Analyst. I appreciate John's professionalism during the time he has served in this important capacity. I can still remember discussing the use of Acrobat and RealMedia with John many years ago as tools to enhance access to Utah legislative activities.

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Are there examples in UT of draft government documents and proposed legislation being opened to the public in wiki fashion for editing and improvement.

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