Friday, May 25, 2007

Ecomeme from Spain to the U.S.

Javier Linares wants me to carry the Ecomeme initiative that he is extending "across the pond." The idea is sort of like a chain letter, except using a blog network, to involve people in some kind of proactive environmental initiative. This one originates in Spain, a country I certainly care a lot about. I can certainly support that concept. Carlos Guadian is also participating. Now, if I link to you at the end of this post, the idea is for you to carry it forward.

As far as myself, I have been supportive of a variety of environmental initiatives. Over 10 years ago, I chaired a group to write the State of Utah's first alternative fuels plan. Now, with the price of gasoline spiraling upward, we are maybe seeing the results of not being more proactive. Certainly, it is time to become better stewards in the way that we use this and other finite resources. Last night, Governor Huntsman mentioned his interest in alternative fuel vehicles on a radio show. He also discussed Utah's participation in the Climate Registry. So I'll put in a good word for the Clean Cities program here in the state. While you're looking around, I invite you to sign up for the Utah Energy Office email list.

Finally, I will pass this on to:
  • Ken Thompson, author of The Bumblebee
  • Barbara Haven, insightful blogger working with California government IT
  • Jim Stewart, thought-provoking manager of UEN technical services
  • Tom Warne, former UDOT executive director who understands transportation issues from top to bottom.
  • Steve Clift, the author of the DoWire newsletter for democracies online.
I'm sure that each of these individuals has some great insights on how to improve some aspect of our environment.

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