Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Top 10 in Utah IT

Here is the latest version of my top 10 picks for IT in State of Utah government for 2006:
  1. Creation of the Department of Technology Services. All IT employees in the State were transfered into the new department in March of this year.
  2. Utah is selected as fourth in the 2006 Digital States awards and third in the Best of the Web . The state was ranked fifth in e-government by the Taubman Center at Brown University.
  3. Public Safety rolls out an online safety inspection system to safety inspection stations around the state.
  4. Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Orem all place in the top-10 digital cities.
  5. The State of Utah rolls out a new version of its portal which is recognized as the 3rd best state government in the nation.
  6. Gentax - the State Tax Commission completes the income tax replacement in less than a year, including the upgrade of related online tax services. Gentax appears to have a record of successful state projects for states such as Montana and North Dakota.
  7. The Division of Finance completes the upgrade of the statewide financial system from a client-server application to web-based application in July. The project was completed on-time and under budget. It also included the upgrade of the financial data warehouse and about 70 system interfaces.
  8. Cyber-security and Business Continuity - The Department of Technology Services places a high priority on information security. All of the department's employees completed an online training programming which was then completed by the vast majority of employees across the state. The department creates an enterprise security organization with a new funding stream for security initiatives. Other activities focus on the effort when Governor Huntsman declares Cyber Security Awareness Month in October. Legislators support an effort to improve business continuity for the state's most critical systems.
  9. Payment Express - you can now pay 26 different taxes through a single service.
  10. Legislative Audio - in addition to being able to listen to floor debates and committee hearings live, you can also listen to previous floor debates from the House and Senate.

My picks from previous years are below:
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