Monday, May 22, 2006

New Utah-based technologies

The tech sector in Utah continues to grow.

I've always been interested in these micro air vehicles.

Utah Innovation awards were presented last week. Renasis, a local company with interesting wireless technology, was one of the winners.

Governor Huntsman has issued the agenda for the special session this week which will include a visit from Mexico President Vicente Fox.

TekVet is an interesting Utah company that offers technology combining smart sensors and RF to provide data concerning livestock health wirelessly. May hold some promise for the national animal tracking initiatives.

Congratulations to Dr. Dinesh Patel for winning the 2006 Pathfinder Award.

New prosthetic arm developed in Utah.

Cyberstates 2006 ranks the states in a variety of high-tech areas. Looks like an interesting report, but the bulk of the information is available only to those who pay the $190 fee.

Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates, and John Chambers were on this panel discussion earlier this year sponsored by the World Economic Forum. I missed it then. Click on the video link to watch the discussion.

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