Wednesday, May 31, 2006

eGov Update

With our big update to, I spent some time reviewing the sites of other states as well as our own site and how much new stuff there is over the past year. As I update the list of online applications and services, I am actually surprise at the number of new services which bring the total # to at least several hundred which I am trying to more carefully document. Many agencies have really added value to their websites. now features an Ajax driven search index and a Spanish language site in addition to a variety of other new things.

The Utah Department of Health is a primary participant in the Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance System with the University of Pittsburgh. The software is being shared as open-source through Sourceforge.

We are rolling out a new online Safety Inspection system this week that will replace the older Delphi system and make it easier for inspection stations to complete their business with the state. has some great presentation tools for presenting cancer data at the state level in graphical formats. It is part of Cancer Control Planet, a more comprehensive resource provided by the U.S. government.

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