Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Evacuees to arrive in Utah

Utah Joint Information Center


Date September 3, 2005 Media Inquiry Line: 801-538-3401
Time 4:30 p.m. National Guard Contact:
Lt. Col. Dave Thomas

Hurricane Evacuees Expected
SALT LAKE CITY ? A JetBlue flight is anticipated to arrive at the Utah National Guard Airbase tonight at 7:11 p.m. There are 152 hurricane evacuees on board who are believed to be from the New Orleans area. This will be the first arrival of evacuees from the hurricane-ravaged area.

Media access will be as follows:

  • News photographers will be allowed on the tarmac as the evacuees deplane. However, in order to allow the evacuees to quickly access the screening center, no interviews will be allowed at that point.
  • After the evacuees have completed the screening process, reporters and photographers will be allowed access to them as they board the buses for transportation to Camp Williams.
  • Tonight, in order to respect the privacy of the evacuees at Camp Williams, media access may be limited and will be directed by the Utah National Guard Public Affairs Officer (PAO) on-site.
  • On Sunday, media access will again be under the direction of the PAO

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