Monday, August 29, 2005

Wireless State, Untethered Nation

The Center for Digital Government has published a guide for wireless initiatives in the public sector called "Building the Untethered Nation." You have to register to gain access which I generally decline doing, but in this case I thought it might be worth the effort particularly since we are in the midst of defining where we want to go in the wireless broadband arena and this document provides an organized approach.

Intel is really pushing wireless government with its Digital Communities initiative.

With Hurricane Katrina hitting so hard, take a look at the websites of the cities that were impacted.
  • Mobile's site says nothing of the hurricane.
  • Biloxi has a Q and A with the mayor answering questions about the city's response. Their Storm Preparedness Center has a news button that opens up a Google search with a lot of stuff about Hurricane Camille.
  • Gulfport, which seems to have been hardest hit is completely offline.
  • New Orleans' city website is also unavailable.
  • The State of Louisiana does have some useful information on their homeland security portal.

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