Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Utah IT Consolidation Issues

Representative John Dougall posts some interesting comments on the State of Utah IT consolidation that provide insight into the reasons why the legislature chose to include some changes to merit status as part of the bill. He entitles his comments "If You are Competent You Need Not Fear". There is no grand conspiracy by the legislature to get rid of a fixed number of IT employees that I am aware of. On the other hand, I think there are plenty of opportunities for those who really want to excel.

Although it may not appear like a lot is happening related to the consolidation that is not the case if you are in the middle of it. Five transition teams have been formed in the following areas: administration, policy and planning, service level management, solutions delivery, and infrastructure. They are now working at a frenetic pace to come up with the plans and structures for a new organization to ensure that Utah continues to fill its niche as a technology leader.

Meanwhile, there are still a lot of tactical things going on. I am still reviewing over 500 IT projects that address issues like statewide GPS, egovernment, broadband wireless, and government efficiency. Many are already moving forward and keeping the state's IT workforce quite busy.

Back to Dougall. In another post, he writes,

Blogging is still cutting edge for most citizens, but will grow in importance and effectiveness, particularly here in Utah, perhaps the most connected state in the nation.
Blogging has certainly found a place here among politicians. Karen McCandless, who is on the Orem City Council, has started to blog. She is up for reelection this fall.

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